Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top ten cartoon series till now

1. Talespin:
It is the best cartoon series till now, wonderful character BALOO of mogli as pilot and his little chipmunk assistant, his rude boss madam mahalingum and her cute daughter and also as adventure there are sky pirates with their huge pirate air ship always making trouble for baloo, a champ as baloo's friend owning "coco bongo club". One will find every thing in this cartoon series.
                                                               2.Duck tales
    This is a duck world and it is full of surprises, suspense, adventure and fun.
    Main character is uncle Scrooge, he is a rich American duck and having a huge vault of gold coins, he is used to swim in. He is a pure businessman. there also Donald duck as guest and his three naughty nephews.Uncle Scrooge is always wandering around for hidden treasures and finding new businesses.There are many more interesting characters a foolish scientist, a dumb pilot some times wears super hero suit and many is a wonderful series.
                                                   3.Chip and Dale the Rescue Rangers

     Chip and Dale now led a team of  crimefighters called the "Rescue Rangers". The other members are Monterey Jack, or "Monty", a tough but lovable Australian  mouse with a weakness for cheese; Gadget Hackwrench, a blond female mouse who was a skilled inventor and mechanic as well as both chipmunks' (and the Furry Freedom's) unrequited love interest; and Zipper, a small fly (and Monty's best friend) who could not speak understandably, but had unusual strength for his small size. The team lived in a tree in the park and saved the day from a variety of villains.
       The best part is there is no super hero chunk but they are being winner by their courage and smartness.